Crowns & Bridges

Are you constantly eating on one side of your mouth because you have a space from where a tooth used to be? Or maybe a tooth that is too weak to bite down on? That’s where Bridges and Crowns are a perfect addition. Although they have their aesthetic benefits, the main purpose of a Bridge/Crown is to strengthen weak or damaged teeth that aren’t able to function like they used too and restore them to full working order again.

Crowns & Bridges are used for many reasons, some of these might include:

  • A Weakened or decayed tooth
  • Missing tooth
  • To restore a fractured tooth
  • Replace a large filling when there is more filling than healthy tooth structure
  • Cover a root canal treated tooth that is weak
  • Change the shape/appearance of a tooth
  • Change the colour of a stained/discoloured tooth
  • Attach to a dental implant.


Maintenance and Care

All crowns, bridges & veneers must be brushed and flossed daily to make sure all plaque is removed. Plaque is the biggest cause of tooth decay and gum disease. Teeth that have been repaired or replaced by crowns and bridges do require extra attention to ensure all plaque is removed.

At Total Care Dental Studio, your dentist will introduce to you and explain any special instruments required. It is also necessary for you to continue seeing your dentist regularly for your continued oral health and comfort throughout life.

Our Crowns, Bridges & Veneers are all Australian made, have an approximate 10 day turnaround time and come with a standard warranty for your piece of mind.

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