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Do you need an Emergency Dentist near Marsden?


Dental problems which at first seem small or superficial should not be neglected because they can potentially cause damage to living tissues inside the teeth. At Total Care Dental Studio we provide emergency dentists near Marsden who will help you receive immediate attention and care. We always advise you to address emergency dental issues promptly to prevent the problems from becoming worse.


Emergency Dental Care in Marsden

If your tooth has lost its support, it can easily become weaker. The pieces could break off or crumble and this will mean that you’ll require a more lengthy and expensive treatment. At such times we recommend you see our dentist immediately and get your teeth repaired. Our dental team have years of experience so whenever you encounter a dental problem call our emergency dentists near Marsden who are here ready to assist you.


In an emergency, it’s easy to panic and not understand another person’s immediate dental needs. However, timely corrective action help can often save a damaged or displaced tooth. To handle dental emergencies efficiently, the Australian Dental Association has established the following guidelines:


Knocked out tooth

Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse the tooth in milk. Scrubbing or removing any attached tissue fragments is strictly not advised. If it’s possible, put your tooth back in the socket or store it in a cup of milk if you can’t put it back. After getting through this procedure, head to our emergency dentists near Marsden.


Broken tooth

If you have a broken tooth rinse your mouth well with warm water and keep the area clean. Visit your dentist as soon as possible.



If a toothache is bothering you, rinse your mouth with warm water and floss to remove the food that is present. Gently apply a cold press on your face to reduce the swelling. In case of severe pain, you can consume pain relief pills as required.


Jaw Injury

If you are suffering from a jaw injury or fracture, you’ll require urgent attention and should seek immediate dental care at Total Care Dental Studio. Meanwhile, keep applying cold presses on the face to reduce swelling. If a loose or broken wire from your braces is bothering your mouth, cover the wire end with a small cotton ball until you get to the Total Care Dental Clinic and get treated by the professionals.


If you have a dental emergency, don’t forget to contact our emergency dentists near Marsden and get appropriate treatment. Our experienced team is always on hand and ready to help you.


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