Removable Prosthesis: Dentures

At Total Care Dental Studio we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your dental aesthetic needs. Our dentists custom fit your denture to the individual needs of each patient. Modern technology and new dental techniques not only give your new denture a natural appearance but also make it more comfortable to wear.


Partial Dentures

A partial denture replaces a lost tooth or teeth on the upper or lower jaw. They attach to the remaining teeth with either metal clasps or the option of an acrylic flexible clasp. The latter although more expensive is more aesthetically pleasing as they are nearly invisible. Your dentist will help you make the decision as to which option is better for you. The dentist may also recommend crowning some of your natural teeth to strengthen them and help to improve the fit of your partial dentures.


Full Dentures

Full dentures are a complete replacement for missing all of either the upper or lower teeth, or in some cases both. Any remaining teeth are removed and the gum tissue is allowed time to heal for approximately 2-3 months before the denture process is begun. This allows for a much better result.


Immediate Dentures

We understand that having missing teeth visible isn’t for everyone. We offer immediate dentures to replace teeth immediately after extraction. The process to make an immediate denture is much quicker than a traditional denture with an approximate two week turnaround time.


Maintenance & Care

Having a regular cleaning routine will make your dentures last longer. It removes plaque as well as helps to minimise odour. Brush each night using a soft-bristle brush and water. Scrub gently removing any loose particles of food, ensuring that you don’t bend any attachments. After cleaning your teeth, leave your dentures in a safe place to dry as this help to prevent bacterial growth. It is advisable to leave your denture/s out at night while you sleep as this gives your mouth a chance to rest.

Dentures can be soaked in a denture cleanser. This comes in many forms such as a tablet, gel, cream or paste mixed with cool water. Ask your dentist for advice as some soaking solutions aren’t suitable and could tarnish any partial dentures that have metal attachments.

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