Orthodontics are used to help improve the aesthetic appearance and general function of your teeth, this can include many things such as correcting crowding or crookedness of one’s teeth or altering your bite to be the correct alignment for your mouth. Here at Total Care Dental Studio we offer a wide range of Orthodontics treatment to best suit you, we understand that no person is the same and therefore no teeth are the same. We ensure that every Orthodontics case is tailor-maid to best suit the individual at hand. We offer everything from Braces to Clear Correct and Invisalign.


Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces consist of either stainless steel or titanium brackets that are attached to the teeth, with a wire that is placed into the slot of each individual bracket to help move the teeth into place. Through the duration of the braces case, bands will also be attached onto your back molars to help further assist with movement. Depending on the individual every case will vary, and some will require additional attachments that come at different stages, whether it is bands, coils or others. Braces are the more traditional option when it comes to Orthodontics as they were one of the first ever treatments able to assist with the movement of teeth.


At Total Care Dental Studio, we offer both metal and ceramic brackets. Ceramic brackets are a tooth coloured bracket and they are often used for the front teeth (3-3) on the top and bottom as an alternative to traditional metal brackets for a better aesthetic look.


Clear Aligners

The invisible solution is now here and ready to help you on your journey! We offer 2 different options when it comes to clear aligners, Invisalign and Clear Correct. Both treatments consist of a series of aligners which are almost completely invisible. You will receive your new aligners every 2 weeks and each one will be slightly different to fit perfectly around your teeth which are now always moving to get you closer to that beautiful straight smile!



If your ready to transform the appearance of your smile, book your orthodontic consultation by calling today or send us a message.