Dentures are convenient and offer a removable solution for replacing missing teeth. They are essentially artificial teeth that help restore oral function, support your facial muscles, improve speech and your bite, and return your beautiful smile.

In Australia, over 19% of adults over the age of 65 have missing teeth. As a reliable and manageable tooth replacement option, dentures are very common. Depending on the number of missing teeth and your oral health, your dentist might recommend partial or full dentures

If you’re considering getting dentures, choosing the right denture materials is important. Before selecting the material, most patients ask, ‘what are dentures made of?’


What Are Dentures Made Of?

types materials dentures waterford westAt Total Care Dental Studio, we provide partial, full, and immediate dentures, ensuring all patients receive the right type of denture for their tooth loss. 

So, what are dentures made of? Dentures consist of three main parts: The base, the framework, and the false teeth. The different components are made from various materials, depending on the type of denture. 

In the past, denture materials were typically a combination of plastics or porcelain. Modern dentures are most commonly made of acrylic resin.


  • Acrylic resin

Acrylic resin is one of the main denture materials for all three parts of the device. It helps form the base of the denture, which holds the teeth, acting as the gums. 

Although it isn’t as strong as metal, acrylic is also used to create the framework for partial dentures. Acrylic is malleable and looks similar to natural teeth, making it an excellent option for fabricating false teeth.


  • Porcelain

Porcelain is a popular material for false tooth fabrication. It has translucent properties, similar to natural teeth, and comes in various shades, allowing patients to choose a colour that matches their complexion and any existing teeth. 


  • Metal alloys

Various metals are used to make the framework for dentures. Base metal alloys and chrome cobalt are popular metals due to their durability and strength. In some cases, cast metal is also used to form the denture base. 


What are Dentures Made Of: Different Types for Your Oral Care

At Total Care Dental Studio, we provide three main types of dentures fabricated using different denture materials


  • Partial dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace one or multiple teeth in a single arch along the upper or lower jaw. They are typically attached to your remaining teeth with either metal or acrylic flexible clasps. 

Acrylic clasps are most popular since they are virtually invisible at a glance, giving you a more natural smile


  • Full dentures

Our dentists recommend full or complete dentures to replace entire sets of teeth from the upper or lower jaw. Occasionally, this involves preparatory work, such as tooth removal, to ensure the best results. This process takes approximately three months because the gums need time to heal and adapt before fitting dentures. 


  • Immediate dentures

At Total Care Dental Studio, we understand the importance of a full smile for self-confidence and quality of life. We offer a fast solution for patients who want immediate tooth replacement after extraction. 

Our immediate dentures have a two week turnaround time, giving you outstanding results quickly. 



High-Quality Dentures Made With Total Care Dental Studio

At Total Care Dental Studio, we focus on delivering high-quality dental services and attentive patient care. Our team of skilled and experienced dentists provides custom dentures to patients with tooth loss, ensuring their individual needs are met aesthetically and functionally. 


We use the latest dental technology and modern techniques to create natural-looking and functional dentures. Call Total Care Dental Studio today on (07) 3186 8517 to schedule a consultation.

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