Sustaining a facial injury, biting on something too hard, or having deep decay that weakens the tooth’s structure can all cause a broken tooth. If you’ve broken your tooth, you need emergency dental care to prevent infection, eliminate discomfort, and restore function to your smile. 

However, it is crucial to know what to do with a broken tooth while waiting for your emergency dentist appointment to give you the best chance of saving the tooth and preventing extraction. 


What to Do With a Broken Tooth Before Receiving Emergency Dental Care? 

A broken tooth can vary in severity, from minor chips in the enamel to a complete break that exposes the pulp chamber. Severe cracks can cause intense discomfort as the pulp contains numerous nerve endings which are irritated when exposed to air. Breaks also cause inflammation of the nerves and soft tissues, leading to swelling. 

You can minimise discomfort and protect your broken tooth against bacterial infection by taking a few precautionary steps while waiting to visit your emergency dentist for tooth repair and restoration. 


  • Locate the Broken Pieces

If possible, gather the broken pieces of tooth, rinse them in clean water, and place them in a clean milk container. Milk contains minerals and nutrients that can keep the tooth alive, potentially allowing for reattachment, depending on the nature of the break. 


  • Check Jaw Mobility

dental emergency what to do with a broken tooth waterfordIf you’ve broken your tooth due to severe impact to your face, it is critical to check for jaw mobility to ensure your jaw isn’t also broken.

Try to close your mouth; if the top and bottom jaws do not meet, go straight to the emergency room to check for a fracture or jaw dislocation


  • Rinse Your Mouth

Remove dirt and debris from your teeth by rinsing with warm water several times. You can also rinse with a saline solution made from one teaspoon of salt and one cup of warm water. The salt solution can help prevent the development of a bacterial infection. 


  • Protect the Remaining Tooth

It is crucial to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible, but if you can’t get to the dental practice for several hours, you should protect the broken tooth by sealing it with dental wax or sugar-free chewing gum. This prevents food debris and bacteria from entering the break site.


  • Use a Cold Compress

You can reduce swelling in the affected area and temporarily numb any discomfort by applying a cold compress to the side of your face intermittently for 5-10 minutes. The cold constricts the blood vessels and prevents inflammation. You can also take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, to help you feel more comfortable until you visit the dentist. 


Restore Your Smile at Total Care Dental Studio

If you’ve broken your tooth, it is critical to contact the Total Care Dental Studio team immediately to arrange for emergency dental care. Understanding what to do with a broken tooth while waiting for your dentist can help save the tooth and improve the chances of a desirable outcome. 

We offer a wide range of treatments, including white fillings and crowns, to restore function to your teeth and give you a natural-looking smile. Call (07) 3186 8517 if you have a dental emergency, and we will help you resolve your dental issue as quickly as possible. 

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